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hey ther, guys

2009-09-23 05:48:07 by SSBBlines

Welcome to my account, thanks for checking out my work...*looks deeply into the soul of the madness wallpaper* you can see, nothing special at the moment, but in the future i'll me making a game called "C.E.L.L" which is simpily based around a evil living organism, trying to live off the human body :D.

So hang tight and stick around, more to come in the near future ;)


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2009-09-30 01:02:14

I'll be waiting for C.E.L.L. mister! Shoot, now I can't wait! XD

Seriously, I'll be looking forward to it!

SSBBlines responds:

Wicked to have some fans already, the game will possibly have a demo out by the start of next year...sorry bout that, but we are going to redo all the animations we got to much smoother ones.

So hang tight, and more info coming soon