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First look at Jim the Roo

2009-11-08 01:45:17 by SSBBlines

First look at the new upcoming movie, "Jim the Roo"

More news soon =3

First look at Jim the Roo

C.E.L.L's over with ;(

2009-11-07 02:00:55 by SSBBlines

Sorry to say this, but C.E.L.L is over with, my mate didn't like the idea of having it as a game anymore, we couldn't make up alot of ideas and things were just difficult.

Anywho, a really good mate of mine and i are making a completely frame by frame animation of a kangaroo's story of trying to make friends with other australian animals, hopefully with luck, we sould have parkerman1700 making music for the vid, which will be AWESOME.

The video will be an all new original idea, with creative characters and incredible settings.

Hopefully give you some pictures soon ;)


2009-10-14 16:23:14 by SSBBlines

ok i got my tablet, and will be getting a really big start on C.E.L.L this weekend :D

I would like to also point out, Parkerman1700 will be making a theme for the game (Tetris'd music.....yeah that dude)
So that will be epic, i can't wait.

I know that i am really talking to myself ATM, but i do hope to have some fans once C.E.L.L is done ;)


2009-10-08 18:05:19 by SSBBlines

ok guys. i just bought my "Wacom BAMBOO tablet" off of ebay.....take some time to come.
Anywho, i got some good news, so far we have a team of 5 helping with the game :D.
and my friend who still has to make a newgrounds account (he is the dude who came up with the idea of this game)

Hopefully should have the tablet in 2 weeks, and get started ASAP.

Thanks for holding tight ;)

hey ther, guys

2009-09-23 05:48:07 by SSBBlines

Welcome to my account, thanks for checking out my work...*looks deeply into the soul of the madness wallpaper* you can see, nothing special at the moment, but in the future i'll me making a game called "C.E.L.L" which is simpily based around a evil living organism, trying to live off the human body :D.

So hang tight and stick around, more to come in the near future ;)